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LED Essentials - LED Lighting Fixtures and Accessories

Light Fixtures Accessories

Safe, simple, cost effective, LED Lighting solutions

  • The LED Versa Bar 1 & LED Versa Bar 2 (Slim design with integrated on/off switch) are perfect LED Light fixtures to illuminate retail displays, trade show booths, cabinets, stairways, hallways and more. These lights mount easily to wood, steel or metal and most other hard and smooth surfaces. The fixtures come in a variety of lengths and color temperatures and are available with clear or frosted lenses.
  • The LED Versa Tile is an LED light tile with 144 high efficiency LEDs. The LED Versa Tiles are perfect for back lighting graphics, uplighting or underlighting counter tops and floors. These tiles come in a standard neutral white (4100K) color temperature or can be special ordered in a warm white (3000K) or cool white (5000K).
  • The LED Puck Light provides an easy solution to lighting those hard-to-light and hard-to-reach areas. These LED Light Fixtures are great for under cabinet, shelves, soffits, storage areas and other applications. Choose from silver, white or black finishes and a variety of color temperatures, to add a sleek, modern look to any lighting design.
  • 3 Watt Mini Recessed LED lights are designed to deliver outstanding illumination in a small package. These LED fixtures are available with warm white, neutral white or cool white LED’s and are the perfect recessed showcase light to add under cabinets, shelves, soffits, in storage areas, and more.
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