Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. - Side Emitting LED Tape
Press Release - February 23, 2016

Display Supply & Lighting, Inc.
Side Emitting LED Tape

ITASCA, IL (FEBRUARY 23, 2016): Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. a leader in lighting, supply products and product selection and installation oversight services, is pleased to announce the addition of Side Emitting LED Tape to its line of high quality, LED Tapes and accessories.

Side Emitting LED Tape is available in a variety of color temperatures and provides superior, one directional, low profile lighting. Available in standard output and high output versions, Side Emitting LED Tape is ideal for applications like under-cabinets, coves, soffits, toe kicks, edges and accent lighting.

“Side Emitting LED Tape fits another niche demanded within the world of illumination. Offering as many tools as possible for our customers to accomplish their designs objectives is very important to us. The continued need to deliver safe products listed to UL standards is a requirement that we remain strongly committed to for the safety of our customers and the industry at large,” said Rob Cohen, Vice President of DS&L.

To learn more about how DS&L can help you and to learn more about our new Side Emitting LED Tape, visit www.dslgroup.com.

About Display Supply & Lighting, Inc.:

DS&L is a leading supplier of lighting and supply products to the trade show and display industries for over 36 years. In addition to assisting customers with the selection of products that best meet their application needs, DS&L also provides complete lighting layout, application engineering services, onsite installation oversight services and product selection assistance. For more information about DS&L’s products and services, please visit www.dslgroup.com or call (800) 468-1488.

Contact Information:
Rob Cohen, Vice President
Display Supply & Lighting, Inc.
Phone: (508) 861-3119