Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. - Offers LED Tape in Lots of Styles & Flavors
Press Release - September 27, 2016

Display Supply & Lighting, Inc.
Offers LED Tape in Lots of Styles & Flavors

ITASCA, IL (SEPTEMBER 27, 2016): Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. a leader in lighting, supply products and product selection and installation oversight services, doesn’t only sell LED Tape listed to UL standards, they also have accessories to help mount Led Tape for a wide variety of lighting applications.

Many styles of aluminum mounting channels and wall mount brackets are in stock and ready to ship to help assist with LED Tape installations and allowing you to build your own light fixtures. These accessory products provide excellent mounting surfaces, perform heat dissipation and protection for the LEDs, and provide a more professional and finished look. For added protection of LEDs, as well as subtle diffusion and glare control, clear and frosted diffusion lenses are also available for use with the aluminum mounting channels.

“DS&L takes pride in being able to offer our customers the tools and products they need to assist in making their installations easier, cost effective and more professional looking. We believe our LED Tape product and accessory line does just that”, said Rob Cohen, Vice President of DS&L.

To learn more about how DS&L can help you and to learn more about our LED Tape Line and Accessories, visit www.dslgroup.com.

About Display Supply & Lighting, Inc.:
DS&L is a leading supplier of lighting and supply products to the trade show and display industries for over 37 years. In addition to assisting customers with the selection of products that best meet their application needs, DS&L also provides complete lighting layout, application engineering services, onsite installation oversight services and product selection assistance. For more information about DS&L’s products and services, please visit www.dslgroup.com or call (800) 468-1488.

Contact Information:
Rob Cohen, Vice President
Display Supply & Lighting, Inc.
Phone: (508) 861-3119