Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. Introduces LED Flex Panel Quick Kits With Significant Pricing Incentives!!!
Press Release - October 26, 2017

Display Supply & Lighting, Inc.
Introduces LED Flex Panel Quick Kits
With Significant Pricing Incentives!!!

ITASCA, IL (OCTOBER 26, 2017): Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. a leader in lighting, supply products and product selection and installation oversight services, is excited to offer LED Flex Panel Quick Kits with significant pricing incentives! You can save over 30% using Flex Panel Quick Kits versus individual component pricing.

LED Flex Panels provide a flexible way of illuminating ceilings, walls and displays and the LED Flex Panel Quick Kits contain all of the system components required to illuminate a square, rectangular or linear surface up to 16 sq. ft. These kits have been designed to provide installers with everything they need to handle a basic application for simple rectilinear (square, rectangular or linear) layouts.

“We are excited about being able to pass along this cost savings to our customers, and we hope the LED Flex Panel Quick Kits give more of our customers the ability to add LED lighting into their projects”, said Rob Cohen, Vice President of DS&L. “It is very important to us to continuously search for new cost effective and innovative products for our customers and we believe the LED Flex Panel Quick Kits are the perfect addition to our LED product line”.

To learn more about how DS&L can help you and to learn more about LED Flex Panel Quick Kits, visit www.dslgroup.com.

About Display Supply & Lighting, Inc.:

DS&L is a leading supplier of lighting and supply products to the trade show and display industries for over 37 years. In addition to assisting customers with the selection of products that best meet their application needs, DS&L also provides complete lighting layout, application engineering services, onsite installation oversight services and product selection assistance. For more information about DS&L’s products and services, please visit www.dslgroup.com or call (800) 468-1488.

Contact Information:
Rob Cohen, Vice President
Display Supply & Lighting, Inc.
Phone: (508) 861-3119