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Safety in Lighting Articles

Safety in Lighting Articles

DS&L is committed to safety and has a long standing belief that providing safe products to use is the responsible thing to do. Check out some of the articles below to learn all about Safety in Lighting.

Safety in Lighting:
DS&L's LED modular Strip Series -- Another Example of the Importance of Safety
As the tradeshow lighting industry evolves and new products hit the market, we must constantly be aware of products that are not UL, ETL or CSA listed to UL safety standards. Products taking shortcuts in the manufacturing process to increase margins is a risk we must all avoid.

Safety in Lighting - The Use of Products Not Listed to UL Standards
We all know the importance of safety and its role on the trade show and event floor. Despite this, we repeatedly see some companies selling, importing and using products that are not listed to UL standards. Discover what the difference is between a product that is listed to UL standards and those that are not. Let us explore!

Q&A: Safety in Lighting and Electrical Components:
Learn about Safety in Lighting and Electrical Components and its role on the trade show floor. Display Supply & Lighting explains what it means when a product is "listed to UL Standards" and why exhibitors should consider its significance.