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Lighting is an essential element to any display

Learn What DS&L Can Do For You!

Display Supply & Lighting is a manufacturer and distributor of display lighting and supply products dedicated to serving the needs of the trade show, display and event industries. DS&L services the needs of general service contractors, manufacturers of modular and custom modular systems, custom exhibit builders, display builders, tension fabric manufacturers and designers.

Whether you’re already tackling a specific lighting project or still looking for inspiration and ideas, explore the categories above and you will find the inspiration you will need to bring your trade show booth or display to life using light.

DS&L Capabilities Presentation:
Learn what Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. can do for you. DS&L has been serving the trade show and display industries for 38+ years and is proud to provide reliable, high quality lighting and supply products, lighting layout and design and product selection assistance. Check out our Design Time presentation to see some of our amazing Lighting Installations.

Philips Certified Value Added Partner:
Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. is proud to be a Certified Value Added Partner of Philips Lighting. Certified Value Added Partners (CVAP): are partners that have been certified by Philips Lighting for their expertise in implementing Philips lighting solutions.

Press Releases:
Read the latest industry news and all about new lighting product offerings and new trade show supply products offered by Display Supply & Lighting, Inc.

Lighting Articles (Blogspot):
  • Safety in Lighting – Article about the use of products not listed to UL standards
  • Lighting Basics – Article of information to help you learn the basics of Light and how it can illuminate any space.
Lighting Safety Article:
Safety in Lighting – An example of the importance of safety. As the tradeshow lighting industry evolves and new products hit the market, we must constantly be aware of products that are not UL, ETL or CSA listed to UL safety standards. Products taking shortcuts in the manufacturing process to increase margins is a risk we must all avoid.

DS&L - Lighting Installation Case Studies:
Check out the successful lighting installation of the Fidelity Bank Worcester Ice Center entrance using Philips Color Kinetics LED Lighting Products. Read thru the case study to learn about the amazing transformation.

Q & A: Safety in Lighting and Electrical Components:
Learn about the Safety in Lighting and Electrical Components and its role on the trade show floor. Display Supply & Lighting explains what it means when a product is "listed to UL standards" and why exhibitors should consider its significance.

Some Things You Need to Know About Battery Technology and Trade Shows:
Find out what you need to know to determine the size and type of battery you will need for your Trade Show Display. One battery solution does not fit every application! Contact Display Supply & Lighting who can properly advise you on battery technology and your choices.

LED Products and Color Temperature:
Selecting the right LED lighting product for your project is not an easy task. Learn how to find the correct LED light that will throw the right amount of light, as well as the perfect color temperature for your trade show project.

Lighting Basics:
This presentation has been designed to offer advice and ideas on how to put any exhibit or display space in the best possible light and stand out on the floor of a trade show or venue. You will: Learn some basics about the ABC’s of lighting; Develop a broad knowledge of typical lamp source types; Examine different styles of light fixtures and their impact on exhibits/displays; Experience cutting edge technology using color, light, motion and special effects to create memorable exhibits.

DS&L Product & Supply Catalog 2018:
Download and print a copy of DS&L’s current catalog of lighting & supply products

What Can DS&L Do for You - Working Together To Develop Solutions:
Display Supply & Lighting, Inc. (DS&L) is headquartered in Itasca, IL and has been providing lighting and supply products, as well as lighting design layout and installation oversight services to the trade show, display and event industries for 37 years. DS&L works with its customers to recommend product solutions from its vast resource of manufacturers to meet the specific needs of their projects. Find out What DS&L Can Do For You!

Gallery of Lighting Installation Images:
Looking for inspiration and ideas? Browse through the extensive gallery of installation images to see how light can add wow to any display, exhibit, trade show booth, retail space, sporting event, building or landscape.

Inspirational Lighting Videos:
Looking for lighting product information or inspiration and ideas? View any of the following DS&L videos to learn about different lighting solutions and to be inspired by creative lighting possibilities.